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Rethinking Energy & Prosperity at IPE

What would you do with more energy? 

Empowering Through Insights & Solutions

At Inpower Energy we believe in challenging the status quo, empowering individuals freedom, resiliency, prosperity, and wellbeing.  We do this by delivering evidence based and actionable insights and resources. Our goal is to help empower our community of readers, listeners, and customers to make the best decisions to live better and more fulfilling lives.

Actionable & Evidence Based Insights

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About InPower Energy

InPower Energy was founded in the belief that by challenging the status quo and bringing people evidence based, actionable, and data driven insights, resources, and solutions, we can give them more freedom, power, and control over their personal prosperity, resiliency, and wellbeing.

In a world with more access to information than ever before, finding unbiased and evidence based insights on critical topics can be surprisingly difficult. A significant amount of the information that we readily receive through media and popular news outlets on topics that are important to our personal freedom, prosperity, resiliency, and wellbeing, are often construed by biases or alternative motives. 

Energy surrounds us every second of every day, for some of the obvious reasons including allowing us to function in our modern world, including fueling our transportation and heating our homes. However, energy is also a foundational element of economic impacts on our prosperity as well as at the foundation of our mental and physical wellbeing. Understanding this, allows us to appreciate how external energy sources that we are exposed to either directly or indirectly, can serve to positively or negatively impact our personal and financial prosperity and wellbeing. In regards to wellbeing, this is especially true at times where our health may already be challenged or when we are trying to reach new levels of performance.

Energy in all of its many forms and in the various environments that we are exposed to everyday, can result in powerful positive and negative effects that impact us both in the short and long term. It is this understanding that inspired the creation of InPower Energy to help people leverage this knowledge as well as readily available tools, resources, and solutions to give them more power and control over improving their prosperity, resiliency, and wellbeing.

Green Energy Turbines

Get to know Andrew Hicks

Andrew has always had a deep curiosity for understanding how things work, challenging the status quo, and finding new solutions to current challenges. Andrew brings his passion and years of experience in both energy and engineering to leading InPower Energy and helping empower people through better information and solutions.


Andrew is passionate about supporting the freedom of individuals to think critically and make the best decisions for their personal prosperity and wellbeing. Having access to the top insights and solutions that are easy to understand and implement, is critical to making this possible. Andrew's practical experience, research, and education in Engineering, Energy Efficiency, and Real Estate Operations have given him a foundation for understanding how energy can be leveraged for the betterment or detriment of society. In addition, having struggled with many health challenges early in his life, Andrew has been on a journey to discover better ways in which energy can be used to improve mental and physical healing capabilities and maximizing energy levels. "This has been foundational to allowing me to be the best I can for my family, pursuing my dreams, and experiencing everything that this life has to offer in its fullest" says Andrew. He is confident that the resources and solutions offered by InPower, including those that have helped him, can help you increase your personal freedom, resiliency, prosperity and wellbeing.

Andrew is a licensed Professional Engineer with a Masters of Science degree from Carleton University. Andrew also holds a LEED AP certification and sits on the board of directors for several not-for-profit organizations including the CACB and PeriCarbon. Andrew is the founder of InPower Energy with a mission to empower people to improve their personal well-being, and resiliency through the application of high-quality insights and solutions. 

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