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With everything we do, we strive to Challenge the Status Quo, Empowering Personal Freedom, Resiliency & Wellbeing

We do this by producing evidence based insights and solutions in ways that are easy to understand and take action on. This allows us to support more people in cutting through the daily noise of information and regain their personal freedom, resiliency, and wellbeing to experience the full potential and prosperity of this life. Learn more about how energy can increase your personal freedom, resiliency, and wellbeing through our newsletter, podcast, and solutions. 

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"Incredible insights that continue to benefit me everyday. Thank you for all your work Andrew and Team!"
Connor C

Evidence based and actionable insights and solutions to support your life

At IPE, we leverage information from top experts and explore new research to provide actionable and evidence based insights and solutions to empower you in making the best choices for your personal freedom, resiliency, and wellbeing. We focus on providing our resources in ways that make taking action quick and easy, so you can start realizing benefits faster with less frustration.


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Impacting our Lives Every Minute of Every Day

Our lives depend on energy in some way, shape or form every minute of every day. This includes heating our homes, growing and cooking our food, powering our devices, allowing us to drive and fly, and building the economy around us. When the supply, cost, and use of energy changes, it can have a profound impact on our personal freedom, prosperity, resiliency, and wellbeing. Taking advantage of a better understanding on how energy impacts our lives, we can can make decisions that increase our financial and personal resiliency and wellbeing and reduce the power and control that others have on the prosperity of our life.

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The Foundation of Our Health & Wellbeing

Energy is not only critical to the operations of our society and daily activities, but it is also at the core of how our mind and body function and heal. Energy impacts our health and wellbeing, including the energy we create, and the direct application of external sources of energy that can both heal and harm us. From daily habits and activities, to long standing healing practices, and new technologies, the ways in which we can impact the energy of our cells, organs, and body function are endless. The awareness and application of this information and solutions serve as exciting ways in which we can maintain or improve our mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing to realize the full potential of our lives.

Energy & Buildings, Where We Spend 90% of Our Time

With more than 90% of our time each day spent inside a building, it is important to consider how the indoor spaces in which we occupy either positively or negatively impact our wellbeing. The things we do and are exposed to every day, are what we should pay the greatest attention to whether or not they are supporting the strength and wellbeing of our mind and body. For most people this will likely be the most important to consider in our homes and places of work. By better understanding how energy and its interconnection with indoor spaces impacts our personal and financial wellbeing, we can make changes now that support our long term prosperity and wellbeing into the future.

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Empowering individuals freedom, resiliency and wellbeing to live better & support a strong and prosperous society.


At InPower Energy we are committed to creating a culture of trust, caring, and high performance. Our values include:

1. Unwavering Integrity

2. Challenging the Status Quo

3. Delivering Exceptional Value

4. Respecting People & Planet

5. Embracing Challenges

6. Working as a Team

Andrew Hicks

Andrew is passionate about supporting the freedom of individuals to think critically and make the best decisions for their personal freedom, resiliency, and wellbeing. Having access to the top insights and solutions that are easy to understand and implement, is critical to making this possible. Having struggled with many health challenges early in his life, Andrew has been on a journey to discover better ways in which to improve personal resiliency, mental and physical healing capabilities, and maximizing energy levels while challenging conventional thinking in the process. "This has been foundational to allowing me to be the best I can for my family, pursuing my dreams, and experiencing everything that this life has to offer in its fullest" says Andrew. He is confident that the resources and solutions offered by InPower, including some that have helped him, can support your personal freedom, resiliency, and wellbeing.


Andrew is a licensed Professional Engineer with a Masters of Science degree from Carleton University. Andrew also holds a LEED AP certification and sits on the board of directors for several not-for-profit organizations including the CACB and PeriCarbon. Andrew is the founder of InPower Energy with a mission to empower people to improve their personal well-being, and resiliency through the application of high-quality insights and solutions. 

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