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With everything we do, we strive to Think Different & Challenge the Status Quo.

We do this by producing evidence based insights and solutions, and then sharing these in ways that are easy to understand and take action on. This allows us to support more people in cutting through the daily noise of information and  realize their personal and financial freedom, resiliency, and wellbeing through our newsletter, podcast, and solutions. 

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"Incredible insights that continue to benefit me everyday. Thank you for all your work Andrew and Team!"
Connor C

Evidence based and actionable energy insights and solutions to empower your life

At IPE, we leverage information from top experts and explore new research to provide actionable and evidence based energy insights and solutions to empower you in making the best choices for your personal and financial freedom, resiliency, and wellbeing. We focus on providing our resources in ways that make taking action quick and easy, so you can start realizing benefits faster with less frustration.


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Energy Impacts Every Aspect of our Life. 

Energy is at the heart of our economy, the driving factor in our societies ability to prosper and not surprisingly, impacts almost every aspect of our life in some way or another. Energy in its many forms impacts all of us personally and professionally, including our wellbeing, access to food and water, heating and cooling our homes, costs for goods and services, ability to travel, and financial freedom

With increasing energy costs, supply shortages, grid outages, global energy instability, new innovations that can be both helpful and harmful, it is becoming increasingly important to understand theses impacts and leverage energy to empower your freedom, prosperity, and wellbeing.

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Empower individuals just like you to achieve personal and financial freedom, resiliency, and wellbeing through the application of evidence based energy insights and solutions.


Unwavering Integrity combined with an evidence based approach that ensures we deliver the best value for your time.

Andrew Hicks

Andrew Hicks, is passionate about supporting the freedom of individuals to think critically and make the best decisions personally and professionally. Having access to evidence based insights that are easy to understand and implement, is critical to making this possible. Andrew is a licensed Professional Engineer with a Masters degree in Sustainable Energy Engineering and Policy from Carleton University. Andrew holds a LEED AP certification and sits on the board of directors for several not-for-profit organizations including the CACB and PeriCarbon. 


Andrew is the founder of InPower Energy with a mission to empower people to achieve prosperity, well-being, and resiliency through the application of high-quality energy insights and solutions. Andrew is also the US Director of Professional Services at BGIS and leads their Energy and EV charging program development across North America.

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